Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service

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Crisis Management Service

Crisis Management Service (CMS), the second arm of the Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service, provides service coordination/case management services to a population of individuals described as “hard to serve, difficult-to-engage”.  These individuals often live high-risk lifestyles, present in nearly constant crisis, and have difficulty managing a mental illness or other personal problem.  Crisis Management Workers serve clients by supporting them to make connections to mainstream services utilizing a variety of intervention modalities. Many individuals in this target population have behaviour, mental illness, and non-compliance issues as well as legal, addictions and special needs such as FASD, ABI and others.

Referrals to CMS come from the individuals themselves, families, mental health, medical, social service and legal professionals, including  psychiatrists, lawyers, and social workers, as well as Crisis Workers. 

Responding to a CMS client or clients may include one or more of the following helping activities:

  • Provide crisis intervention and assertive outreach
  • Assist with basic needs: food, clothing, shelter
  • Screen, assess, and consult to learn more about the client
  • Behaviour shaping and management
  • Service coordination / case management to make and sustain service connections
  • Advocate
  • Inform, educate and train
  • Assist other front line services
  • Build networks of support


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Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service