Crisis Management Service

Crisis Management Service (CMS) provides intensive case management for people who have significant and enduring mental illness, and who are considered to be hard to serve, and difficult to engage. In addition, Crisis Management clients often present with concurrent substance abuse, challenging behaviors, homelessness, legal involvement, and a pronounced inability to self-manage. People who are referred to CMS are lacking in meaningful connection(s) to the human service safety net. The goal of CMS is to help our clients achieve their most optimal level of independence while utilizing supports effectively.

Referrals to CMS come from the individuals themselves, families, mental health, medical, psychiatrists, social service and legal professionals, lawyers, and social workers, as well as Mobile Crisis Service

Helping and responding to participants in CMS may include one or more of the following activities:

  • Provide crisis intervention and assertive outreach
  • Assist with basic needs: food, clothing, shelter, housing and landlord support
  • Screen, assess, and consult to learn more about the client
  • Behavior shaping and management
  • Service coordination / case management to make and sustain service connections
  • Assist with navigation across multiple service systems
  • Advocate
  • Inform, educate and train
  • Assist other front line services
  • Build networks of support (informal and formal)
  • Addressing systems/system change