Frequently Asked Questions

What might constitute a crisis?

  • Suicidal feelings, thoughts or plans
  • Child abuse and neglect
  • Marriage and family problems
  • Relapse of a mental illness
  • Problems with drug and alcohol use and abuse
  • Problem gambling
  • Excessive personal distress
  • Older adults/seniors in distress

Who can call Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service?

Any person who feels he or she is in or about to experience a crisis situation may call (933-6200) to speak with a Crisis Worker.

What are the hours of operation?

Mobile Crisis is open 24 hours a day every day of the year.   When all crisis workers are busy, an answering service will pick up and direct the crisis call.

Do you offer long-term crisis counseling?

Crisis counseling, by definition, is short-term.  If the Crisis Worker assesses the client situation as one requiring long-term counseling, she will recommend referral to an appropriate agency or agencies from which the client may select.

Does Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service work with other organizations to provide its supports and services?

Mobile Crisis Service works closely with the Saskatoon Police Service, the Ministry of Social Services, the Salvation Army Men’s Hostel and Family Services and hospital emergencies. In addition, there is a close working relationship with other 24-hour services such as The YWCA, Interval House, the Crisis Nursery, the Light House and the Tribal Council Safe House.

The Crisis Management Service also works collaboratively with a range of community services dependent upon a specific client’s need.

Is the Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service the same as the Saskatoon Crisis Nursery?

Both are community-based organizations however each provides a distinct service.  SCIS crisis workers often refer to the Crisis Nursery in its capacity to provide alternate residential care for children when families are in crisis.

Who represents the Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service (SCIS) Board of Directors?

SCIS has capacity for eight board members representing partner agencies and two members at large. The following services are currently represented on the board:

  • Saskatoon Police Service
  • Saskatoon Health Region
  • Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing
  • Saskatoon Indian and Métis friendship Centre
  • Riversdale Business Improvement District
  • Saskatoon Community Clinic