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Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service

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Crisis Response

24 hour, 7 day a week emergency service for anyone experiencing a crisis.  Response occurs over the telephone, in the office or in the community (within Saskatoon City limits).

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(306) 933-6200

Intensive Community Support

Intensive Case Management (ICM) teams are a team-based approach that supports individuals through a specialized case management service.  The goal is to help individuals achieve an optimum quality of life through developing plans, enhancing life skills, addressing health and mental health needs, engaging in meaningful activities and building social and community relations. ICM has a strong evidence base. Case management programs at SCIS utilize a combination of service coordination and interdisciplinary team approaches.


According to Saskatoon’s 2018 point in time (PIT) count, 475 people experience homelessness on a given night in Saskatoon. The city’s Homelessness Action Plan is governed by Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP). Saskatoon Crisis Intervention interfaces with homelessness in many different ways across a broad spectrum. Our Crisis Management and Journey Home programs work specifically and deliberately with people who have experienced chronic homelessness. Chronic homelessness is considered to be six months or greater, or three episodes of homelessness in a period of a year. CMS and Journey Home typically respond to people who have experienced between 2-5 years of homelessness, while others have as much as 20 years cumulative homelessness in their lifetime.